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Nazwa:  zaprawa hydroizolacyjna

Cecha rodzajowa:  Mapelastic B 
Cecha wymiarowa:  op.=8kg 
Producent / Dystrybutor: Mapei UK 
Jm:  [kg] 
Netto/[jm]:  £ 5.63
VAT:  17.50 
Brutto:  £ 6.62
Cena brutto za opakownie:  £ 52.96
Opis towaru:  Two-component flexible cement mortar for waterproof protection of concrete, swimming-pools and balconies.
Use Mapelastic to provide a highly flexible waterproof coating to concrete structures, particularly those subject to cracking.
Mapelastic seals hairline cracks already present in substrates.
Mapelastic is suitable for surfaces permanently in contact with drinking water, as long as after its hardening, it is repeatedly washed with water at +40°C.
Mapelastic is supplied in two pre-measured components which must be mixed together without adding water or other ingredients. The mortar is applied with a trowel onto perfectly clean and solid surfaces.
Mapelastic can be applied up to 2 mm thick in a single coat. When applying to surfaces particularly stressed or crazed, it is essential to embed a square-grid fibreglass mesh.
Application: trowel or rendering machine.
1.7 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.
24 kg bags;
8 kg drums.
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